Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sandstone Cat Figurine

Sandstone Cat Figurine with Glazed Details
This was the first cat figurine ever collected. It is made of sandstone with glazed details. It was purchased from a boutique in TJ in the 90's. It measures 3" tall.

Collection - Cat Figurines

A cat figurine Collection that has gotten out of hand. 

There are over 70 figurines in this collection. It started out very neat and then spiraled out of control. The challenge will be to take a picture and log each one and get them back to looking organized.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Organization - CD Rack to Ribbon Holder

We saw this old CD rack in a thrift store and immediately thought of a ribbon holder. The ribbon dowels came on and off easily and the ribbon spools fit perfectly. Now we can see all the colors we have available with one glance. We’ll added string with scissors this project was complete.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dog Bone Angel Magnet

Finally, we have personalized bone angel magnet that is purrfect as a sympathy gift. It is made out of hand painted wood and we can add the pets name as well as the dates at the bottom if you wish. It measures approx. 3" tall.

Paws for a Cause

We, along with a great group of people donated our crafty talents to “Love Letters” a non profit organization that provides handmade inspirational cards for children with life threatening illnesses. It just goes to show that volunteering a little time can go a long way. All the cards turned out wonderfully. Below are photos of some of our card creations. We used pre-made felt cutouts to create our dog & cat theme. 

Whats Mew?

Welcome to our new blog! Here we’ll post all the stuff going on behind the scenes at The Purrfect Present. (There is more going on here than just selling really cute cat stuff you know!) We’ll post cute animal photos and our pets will have their own stories. We’ll update you on special events and sightings. And we’ll share photos of some of our favorite cat collectibles… and of course we’ll preview new CAT products!